Optimix bränsle 25% 5Liter (Båt)

Optimix bränsle 25% 5Liter (Båt)
Optimix bränsle 25% 5Liter (Båt)
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Optimix-25 Båt

OPTIMIX BOAT RACE 25 5 is supplied as a 5L container and has 25% nitromethane with a marine optimized mix of 10% fully synthetic low viscosity Techniplate® oil and 6% Benol® racing recin/castor oil mix from KLOTZ®.

  • 5L Optimix Boat Race Fuel
  • 25% Nitromethane
  • 10% Klotz Techniplate Synthetic Racing Oil
  • 6% Klotz Benol Recin/Castor Racing Oil

Optifuel is the product of extensive testing and development using the very latest onboard monitoring techniques to log operational flying parameters from hard 3D to gentle flying. To achieve the optimum blend the Optifuel team have tested various oils, different mixtures and Nitromethane content combinations. The fuel is low odour, deposits zero carbon and is tolerant of incorrect leaning. The Optifuel professional test pilot Dave Fisher (Flyin’ Fish) has flown hundreds of test hours, using a variety of machines and engine types concluding that Optifuel fuels equally satisfy sport, scale and competition pilots.

Optifuel is suitable for 2-stroke engines with a minimum of 18% synthetic oil and in 4-strokes where a minimum of 20% synthetic oil and 20% Nitromethane is used. The Methanol and Nitromethane used is of the highest available quality. Optifuel is mixed using the latest weighing technology to produce accurate, reliable, repeatable batches from 20 to 2000 litres. All Optifuel mix’s are supplied in standard 1 or 5 litre quantities not US gallons or quarts (3.78L / 0.95L).

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